The HB has completed several successful joint venture projects in Chennai and Kochi which have far exceeded the returns expected by landowners. Our expertise, brand value and reputation for fair dealings have always left our joint venture partners happy. We are always on the lookout for land (between 3 to 50 grounds) and are delighted to offer landowners who wish to develop their property in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, the opportunity to benefit from our expertise through joint ventures or outright purchase of their land at highly attractive terms. In return we promise them a trouble free process and great returns on investment.


HB is one of South India’s most reputed and trusted builders, with over 1000 delighted customers and corporate clients from India and across the world. With a holistic perspective towards every project, we aspire to deliver the greatest value to every partner. Our reputation as a trusted brand has been established over 14 years of sheer hard work with 50+ completed projects, consistent delivery and constant evolution.

HB is an omnipresent name in Chennai, with over 50+ completed projects in prime locations across the city. People think of us when they need a quality home to live in. High Net-worth Individuals and investors turn to us to achieve their desired investment returns. When our customers seek to rent their properties, they find tenants easily. HB has a steady sales velocity, owing to its excellent reputation among home buyers.

HB Foundations is recognized by veteran investors and seasoned home-seekers as a builder that fulfils project commitments as promised. The experience of having created so many landmarks across Chennai city is truly HB’s commitment to deliver all its projects on time.

We at HB ensure that landowners gain through rapid appreciation of their properties, because of HB’s premium brand value, higher-than-industry specifications and quality construction. Often, the value of their property appreciates during construction itself, over and above any macro market appreciation.

Our landowner partners are assured savings of 20% on Capital Gains Tax while executing joint development of their lands or by re-investing their returns or financial resources in HB apartments, offices, IT buildings and retail space.

HB landowners can save 10% on Stamp & Registration charges by opting to retain flats, offices or shops. A similar property elsewhere will be 10% more expensive.

When partnering with HB, the proposed construction will be custom-built, respecting the landowners’ family requirements, convenience, religious sentiments and aesthetics. We will create an exceptional building with the highest specifications, making you the proud owner of a HB branded landmark property.

( The landowners’ )Your land equity coupled with our brand equity will ensure they make 20-30%(more) than the prevailing market rate for (the) built-up area which also translates into higher rental values when weighed against competitive buildings in the same locality

Through our 14-year journey, we are proud that we do not have any unsold inventory or incomplete projects. Our healthy financials ensure that we are considered A+ developer for both banks and funds to invest in HB as a company and in all our projects.

Our mature relationships and rewards program with our Channel Partners across all world markets with significant Indian presence ensures a steady inflow of NRI investors. Our presence extends across Dubai and the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, UK and North America.

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