The team at Harini Builders is devoted to ensuring quality construction and the highest levels of service delivery to clients. All our housing projects are in-line with international quality specifications in terms of construction and design. Each and every project we undertake goes through a thorough quality assurance regimen at every stage of development. Before initiating any project tests are conducted to test and determine the quality of the Soil and Water available at the site. Prior to initiating construction all raw materials to be used such as bricks, cement, steel & iron bars etc are tested and their quality is certified by technical specialists, to ensure a strong foundation and a reliable frame to the building structure.

In addition to the safety element, all our projects feature vaasthu compliant designs, termite resistant construction techniques, RO water systems and rain water harvesting structures. Harini Builders aspires to give families a home they can cherish, feel secure in, which provides easy access to the city and also has an element of calm and solitude unlike the busy city surroundings while at the same time providing secure property investment returns.