To ensure the highest levels of quality commitment in all aspects of our operations. To build homes and offices that match international standards of safety, security and efficiency. To promote environment friendly construction practices and lifestyles. To continue to uphold ethical business practices that work to the customers benefit. To focus on the welfare and skill development activities for our staff, thus ensuring their optimum personal and professional growth. To continue to practice client centric policies in our systems and operations, thus earning us our clients trust and confidence. To explore new and undiscovered avenues in the realm of real estate development, thus broadening the scope of choices available to clients. To continue to live up to and exceed clients expectations in terms of meeting delivery schedules, honoring contract commitments, ensuring customer satisfaction, addressing clients complaints and finally ensuring after sales service.

Harini Builders envisages metamorphosing into a comprehensive real estate and infrastructure development company by the year 2018, offering clientele a wide range of safe and secure property and infrastructural investments along with diversified services suited to divergent client requirements.